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With a thorough and caring approach to your family's dental health, we offer top of the line dental technology. Use of these technologies helps us work more efficiently and helps you to have a comfortable and more enjoyable experience. For your family's comfort, Lenz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers the following services:

Intra Oral Camera

An intra oral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool. Images produced by the intra oral camera allow patients to see each of their teeth, magnified and projected onto a television/computer monitor. These images can indicate problems such as cracked teeth, plaque, decay, periodontal disease, and defective fillings. With the use of an intra oral camera, patient education is simplified by allowing patients to better understand treatment and enable them to visualize what the dentist sees.

Laser Cavity Detection System

Laser cavity detection is performed by the use of a DIAGNOdent. This machine produces a harmless laser light that is beamed into susceptible pits and fissures of your teeth. The DIAGNOdent will help us with the early detection of dental cavities. With this laser dental treatment even very small lesions are now detected at the earliest stage, enabling us to protect and preserve your teeth and smile.

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays are computer-generated images. These images require up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Instead of using the traditional silver-oxide x-ray film that must be developed and fixed using caustic and environmentally damaging chemicals. Digital x-rays take pictures via a storage phosphor screen and through the use of a laser and computer immediately transmit a picture of the tooth to a video monitor in the treatment room.


Cosmetic Imaging

Over Chair TV/DVD monitor mounts

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